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The Valley Diary  You are visiting the online pages which support The Valley Diary. The Valley Diary is a small printed publication which serves the villages of the Lavant Valley just outside Chichester in West Sussex, England, UK. The villages are Charlton, Chilgrove, East Dean, Singleton & West Dean.

The Valley Diary is distributed free of charge to all 600 homes in the villages as well as local clubs, shops, pubs, churches, public buildings and services and has an estimated readership of 2000 each month. It's paid for by it's advertisers and if you want to contribute to the ongoing running costs by advertising or just donating, please visit our Advertising page.

The main purpose of The Valley Diary at its outset in 2004 was to publicise the forthcoming Diary of Events in the villages, to the people who live in them. Since that purpose was set out The Valley Diary has developed to include some editorial content of interest to the people who live in the villages, reports and photos of events that have happened, quizzes and crosswords, news and reviews and various other content as submitted either regularly, occasional or just as one-offs.

The Diary of Events is maintained online as well as in each Printed Edition. Click on Diary in the left border. Please
let me know if anything is missing and we'll add it.

The Contents Page will contain links to a limited amount of current information and any historic editorial or articles which have appeared on the website in the past. This is being added to from the archives as time allows..

For people who don't live in the villages and don't get a free copy, you still have some options: we'll Post you a Copy (check the Advertising page for postal rates) or Download, View and/or Print your copy by clicking on Printed Edition in the left border.

The Valley Diary online Search Engine is powered by Google and will efficiently search the entire website against any keywords you want to use. It even searches inside the Printed Editions posted on the site, so you have an efficient way of searching for lost news or articles. Click on the Search link in the left border and try it out!

The team working to make this all happen are: Paul Service (Editor), David Mather (Advertising & Accounts), Chris Kelly (Distribution) and Ted Salmon (Website Editor). Click the Contact link in the left hand border to get in touch.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

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